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Now unveiling … August 17, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in It's how we roll.

Dave has plans for world domination, or at least a small dream about a web space of his own, so I gave him the reigns to create a new blog for me.

Meaning he begged me and I said “Yeah, but this website is so comfy” and he reminded me that so are those pants with the stirrups under the heels but you don’t see people walking around with those anymore, and I had to say “touche” and hand him the keys.

So. Because we’re stifling over here under our own boredom, because painting the kitchen and rearranging the kids’ closet and cleaning the bathroom are SO MUCH WORK he instead decided to spend the last couple of months putting together my new site.

Starting now, I’ll be over at http://somewonderland.com. Bookmark it, love it, hate it … Whatever. Just don’t tell Dave you hate it or he’ll curl up in the fetal position and I’ll never get him out of bed, and clearly blogging doesn’t pay the bills.

A few housekeeping notes (and I’m not talking about that bathroom): The top rotating pictures are “featured” posts. The newest posts are below, and when you click on the headline of one you can click “Previous” or “Next” to go to older or newer posts; or you can click “Share this” and, well, share it on other sites. It’s what we in the business like to call “neat.”

So, see ya over there.



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