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She’s a poseur July 26, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

“Vi-Yit’s bell-button!”

“Yes, that’s Violet’s belly button,” I said as Alice jammed her pinky into her sister’s stomach while I was changing Violet’s diaper. (I’m sorry, Violet.)

“Baby Cuckoo have bell-button.” She pointed to the stomach on her unfortunately named doll.

“Yes, I’m sure Baby Cuckoo has a belly button.”

“And Mama.”

“Yes, Mama has a — OK, yes, there, now you see it, great. That’s my belly button. It looks different from yours because I had two babies.” She let my shirt back down. (Note to self: Teach “modesty” next week.)

“Alcie have two babies, too. Alcie have big bell-button,” Alice said, lifting up her shirt.

“Uhhh. Wow? Two babies? Your abs look fantastic. What’s your secret?”



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