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‘AFV’ and ravioli night is the new wine and strawberries night July 13, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

After one of those days at work that began entirely too early, had a lot of crap in between signing in and logging out; a day that ended later than I’d hoped, punctuated with me throwing a lunch bag at Dave because the man canNOT understand the concept of “all right, I logged off my computer. Let’s. GO,” I just wanted to go home.

And … confession: I kind of wished I could come home, sit on the couch with a glass of wine and a bowl of strawberries and Cool Whip and zone out for four or five hours while watching TV that’s the equivalent of junk food for the brain.

It was that kind of day.

But, ha, funny: I have two kids. Two kids we had to pick up from the sitter’s, two kids we had to feed a whole meal of food from multiple corners of the food pyramid, kids to bathe and dress in pajamas and kids to read to before bed, a baby to stay up with until 11:30 p.m. … all of which I love doing and appreciate and yawn, yawn but, listen … it’s kind of, well, tiring.

LAZY! LAZY! I hear the judgments boring into my skull from across the miles; thank you, I know: Lazy. Bad mama!

I leaned my head against the headrest on the drive home from the sitter’s, calculating everything I had to do tonight, and I was practically comatose from fatigue. It just catches up to you! This parenting thing. It knocks you down and when it’s asking if you’ve had enough, it whispers “Toooooo bad! It’s ravioli night! Muuu-ahh-hahaha!”

But, there’s redemption. That’s right — this isn’t one of those anti-parenting rants.

We filed into the house, let the dog outside, threw the mail on the end of the dining room table and gave Alice some juice, and we sat on the couch with some “America’s Funniest Videos.” And a DOG slid down the HILL! And a man ran into a tree, family parts first! And Alice laughed, and laughed. And I laughed so hard Violet woke up from a doze in my arms, and I was so grateful for stupid people on television, and Alice’s good mood, and ravioli night.

The relaxation didn’t come from a glass of wine, sure (yet “AFV” — the best show on television for my money — is about as mindless as it gets). But it was something close to as much as I could’ve asked for out of a day that left cement in the pit of my stomach.



1. Alisa - July 13, 2010

Oh, sweet Erin. Please stop with the “Bad momma” self-talk! You are a GOOD momma!! I know it’s hard. Hang in there. You have a good life even if you don’t feel up to it!
Love from Ohio!

2. erinfrances - July 14, 2010

I say “bad mama” in a more confident tone than I used to. Now I’m more poking fun at the “really good moms” that I’ll never be. I’m just never going to be that mom, so I can laugh at my old high expectations!

Haha. I’m not a bad mom. I’m just a bad mom in the eyes of me, two years ago. See that? That’s wisdom!!

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