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Shameless self-promotion No. 47: Two Stroller Diaries posts June 22, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in It's how we roll.

For more Erin, feel free to click:

Here to read “Wishing for a money tree,” which is about me freaking out about going back to work … because that’s a story you just can’t get enough of. I cannot be blamed for that topic being the most pressing issue in my little self-absorbed world lately. I apologize to the world. I quit obsessing over that like eight hours ago; that’s such old news.

You can also click here to read “Confessions we probably shouldn’t be making” about a conversation Dave and I found ourselves in a few weeks ago. Can’t blame us for being honest: Babies are hard work.



1. Alisa - June 24, 2010

awh, geez, I feel so bad for you! Tell you what. Next time I’m in town, I’ll totally come over and clean your house and do your laundry. Seriously. Yeah, you’ll prolly have it under control by the time I make it there, but, hey…it’s an offer!
Hang in there!

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