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I need to find a million bucks, pronto June 12, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

“Mama’s going to go back to work soon,” I was telling Alice.

“To makie some money!”

It’s settled. I’m going back to work June 22, though part-time for a few weeks (til the money runs low enough Dave starts threatening that he’s moving us into a two-person tent … I hate camping, so I work to afford my electricity and indoor plumbing).

This gives me a week to win the lottery or to obtain a fake passport to move to Canada. Did you know they have 50-week maternity leaves there? And clouds made of marshmallows and no acne and all their Pringles have French on the containers. Sounds like heaven.


Instead I face thousands of emails and that nagging feeling I’m sucking at being a mom (because someone else is going to be doing the majority of the child-raising) and as an employee (because the lack of sleep and hours spent speaking in falsetto and then reading Facebook updates have left my brain worthless).




1. Manda - June 12, 2010

Hi Erin,
For whatever it’s worth three years later – you are not only a good mama, you’re really good at your job. I think about you a lot lately as I try to plan a quarterly magazine (among other things, lots of other things that have to print and have words). Of course everyone yells about deadlines and planning and OHMYGOD “Mandy is a snot (or other) about it.” Needless to say, I get it now. I get that the planning was really necessary and I regret every time I ever dug my heels in. So there we have it, right there in public for the whole world to see.

With that, I hope you go back and kick some ass. In fact, I know you will. Good luck, even though you probably don’t need it. 🙂

2. erinfrances - June 14, 2010

Thanks, Mandy!

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