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Happy birthday, dear Alice June 3, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Letters to Alice.

Dear Alice,

Today you turn 2, a feat I didn’t think possible all those nights you had me wishing I’d chosen a life of celibacy so I wouldn’t ever have had to Google “colic remedies.” For the 23rd time. That day.

Now, two years later, you’re my big girl. The last five weeks of your life has been filled with toddler hardships, all having to do with us choosing to bring your sister home to live, permanently, instead of doing the rent-a-baby option you were pushing for.

You compete for lap space, the title of the loudest crying child and our affection from the time you poke your head out of your bedroom and yell “HI MAMA!” at 7 a.m. every day, to the tears I leave you with because I won’t read “Dinosaur Cafe” to you one more time before bed.  Seriously, that book has to go back to the library. YESTerday.

Two years later, you’re a shy, contemplative (if I can use that word to describe a 2-year-old) girl. At the park, you’ll quietly back away if other kids push their way in front of you to go down the slide. Your little hands meet in front of your belly and you quickly look around for me or your dad, while slowly inching backwards, hoping they don’t talk to you or touch you. At our friend’s house, you sit in their sandbox by yourself and let the other kids do the slide and the sidewalk chalk. I suppose I should be concerned about your timid nature but being able to sit and feed your sister on a lawn chair without worrying you’ll dart into traffic has its upsides.

You’re all sentences and question marks and exclamation points at home. A month or so ago you were putting together obvious statements: “Big wag tail.” Now, you’re doling out commands — “Mama, Alcie need ketchup. APPLE JUICE.” You’ve also tried out a few, more colorful words that I’ve let slip in front of you. You’ll be the first one at preschool to drop the F bomb, I fear. I mean, I know you’ll use it correctly, but I’m aware not every mom wants their daughter or son one white outfit and hat away from being mistaken for a sailor. Sorry, society. I’m trying to rid your vocabulary of that but your memory is insane.

Gone are the days I can bribe you with unicorns before naptime. When you wake up hours later you want to know where your damn unicorn is. But hey — I would breed them in the back yard if it meant you’d always take naps (same goes for your sister, but that’s another story).

Two years later, you’re a real girl. You wear dresses, flip flops, barrettes. You watch “Care Bears” and dig “The Incredibles” and (can you tell you’ve been watching more TV than I’m comfortable with since the arrival of your sister?) when you put lotion on your face you say “I pretty.” Yes, you’re beautiful. But your son-less dad makes sure you love Matchbox cars, trains, football. That’s OK with me.

So now you’re entering your third year. (Oh, weep. My youth is gone.) Soon we’ll be teaching you letters and numbers and how to ride a bike. I’m content just to hit pause on this moment though — I’m finally enjoying the crap out of your current age.

It might have something to do with hating the newborn stage, but … Never mind.

I love you,




1. Nicole - June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Alice! You’re a fantastic girl already, I can’t wait to see you learn and grow even more! Remember, if you ever want a break from Mom, Dad and the sister you’re welcome at our house!

2. "Aunt" Becky - June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Alice!! Can’t wait to see you this summer!

3. Mom and Bernie - June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Alice, Happy Birthday to Alice, Happy Birthday dear Alice, Happy Birthday to you!!!! Trust me this version is much better left unsung by me. love, G-ma and Pawpaw

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