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23 months, give or take a week May 14, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama, Letters to Alice.

Dear Alice,

We’ve seen a lot of this expression of yours; the one that looks like someone has spit in your oatmeal every day of your life. You alternate between this perma-pout (which comes with a nagging whine to match) and an excited, helpful big sister. You just don’t know how to remedy this jealous feeling, and though I thought I’d feel guilty about it, I really don’t. Someday I hope you have two kids so you understand: Mama’s just too tired to feel too bad about too many things. I’ve chosen certain situations and problems to feel guilty about, and your jealousy just isn’t one of them.

I think this will make you a stronger person. At least it’ll be great fodder for a lifelong list of traits of mine that irk you.

“Baby Vy-it,” as you call your sister, is cool with you until she needs fed, changed, clothed or bathed. Sitting in her car seat asleep, you’ve never had a toy more special. Awake, she’s your worst nightmare realized: “Alice, Mama can play cars with you in a minute, when she’s done with Violet’s bath.” “Daddy’ll read books to you in a little bit, after he feeds Violet.” “In a minute” has become a standard line, and you’re even using it on yourself, “Alcie”: “One minute, Alcie pay in one minute.”

I decided to send you to the sitter’s one or two days a week, hoping it’d be a welcome change of scenery for you (and give me some time to myself, with Violet). Turns out you loved it so much you ask to go to the sitter’s a couple times a day; and turns out the hours I thought I’d get to spend bonding with my new baby are spent doing dishes and walking a fussy baby around the house. But the time you’re gone is worth it for me when you run through the side door after a day at the sitter’s and squeal “I talk a Mama and Vy-it! HI MAMA! HI BABY! Mama miss you!”

That’s why I have babies: So they grow up to be toddlers who like you (right before they become kids who don’t again). Babies are hard, difficult little creatures. Toddlers are too — there’s nothing fun about taking you to the grocery store, my friend — but your sweet moments make up for the headaches. Most of the time.





1. Mom and Bernie - May 15, 2010

She looks even more like Dave with that look on her face! ha ha ha

2. Alisa - May 17, 2010

Ohhh! Lookit those deep Wasinger eyes! 😀

3. CaptainNeeda - May 21, 2010

I seriously love this picture

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