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Happy Mothers Day May 9, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

She loves her mama so much it makes her cry.

And it makes her want to wake up every two hours to eat. And it makes her want to, uh, mess all over her pajamas at midnight, and then mess right through the second pair I put on her less than 30 seconds later. And then, for good measure, pee all over the mat while I’m putting on the new diaper.

You would think that being a parent once before would prepare Dave and I for the onslaught of baby-dramas, but in reality we’re still shell-shocked, exhausted, wondering how you do this and what we’re doing.

“When do they start sleeping through the night?” Dave asked while I was holding her, making a bottle. He was grabbing breakfast for Alice, and neither of us was feeling very much like standing upright.

“Dave, she’s 10 days old. I think it’s a bit early for that,” I said, thinking he was playing Mr. Funny Guy to my Mrs. No Sense of Humor When I’m Tired.

“No, I’m not kidding. I mean it, when do they? I totally forget.”

Oh. “I, uh, don’t know, actually.”

“I forgot what this was like because we were so spoiled with Alice -”

“Who sleeps 12 hours a night?”



I know. Why parents have multiple children is a miracle of nature. Humans exist because parents forget how hard the first, what, three months? six months? are.



1. Alisa - May 17, 2010

…apparently they also forget the colic months! Thank GOD!!!!
Enjoying your new addition…and very sorry about the hardness of it! Hang in there!

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