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22 months April 13, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Letters to Alice.

Dear Alice,

The last couple of weeks haven’t been the easiest for you.

Mama’s been more tired, so your bedtime’s been creeping up in 10-minute increments. If I don’t put a stop to this, you’ll be going to bed before I even pick you up from the babysitter’s. Fortunately for you, this means it’s still light out when you go to bed, so you get to read books behind your closed door by sunlight instead of nightlight.

You also have to play by yourself a lot more so I can do other things, because when you go to bed, I crash as well, dirty dishes or unpacked lunch be damned. I feel guilty about this, but I’m also about as much fun to be around right now as perhaps a wild boar? Maybe a rabid dog? Definitely something angry and from the animal kingdom. I may be doing you a favor by giving you some alone playtime. Some women are beautiful when they’re pregnant. Others are meant to get through the whole pregnant thing quickly so they can go back to being pleasant again. Guess which one I am.

But you’re growing, you’re happy, and your mullet is gone thanks to a haircut I gave you that I’m still not sure about — so, small victories.

I can’t believe that by the time this whole pregnancy is over and I’m back on my feet again, it’ll be time to put the candles on your second birthday cake. My baby’s 2? Or, my oldest? I’m going to have two kids? WHAT THE CRAP, it was just 2007 and I was drinking wine and watching PBS, and then I woke up and it’s 2010 and I’m stressing about you not knowing colors, numbers or the alphabet, and I’ve got another baby on the way.

In no way do I feel qualified for another child. Your one skill is singing “Rocket Man,” which makes me so proud because I can’t tell you how much kid songs make my skin crawl … But let’s be honest. “Rocket Man” isn’t likely to show up on a preschool screening test, so I’ve got some work to do. Oooooh, how do you teach kids colors? For an early childhood education major (for a whole two years), you’d think I would just know. But everything is “white!” to you. I’m not really sure you understand the question.

Or maybe I’m not asking it correctly.

The next three weeks (or four so help me GOD) are the last weeks you’ll have as our only child, which I know you won’t appreciate until you’re playing the forgotten-child card. I’m trying to relish these moments but pregnancy sucks, kid. I may be a better mom in a month or so. I’ll be tired. Cranky. Soothing a colicky baby. Stressing over losing these 40-ish lbs. But I promise I’ll try to make it up to you, all these moody nights.

I love you, Allie Bear.




1. Lori - April 14, 2010

I love her haircut!!!

2. erinfrances - April 14, 2010

I’m so glad to hear that — It’s growing on me!

3. CaptainNeeda - April 15, 2010

colors are frustrating. I’ve heard their brains can’t do colors till well after 2 and I’m going with it. Veronica is 2 and a quarter and she still can’t tell purple from green. Doesn’t help that she always guesses blue.

After the 2nd birthday you will find the numbers come quickly. V counts to 10 in spanish now, for which I take NO credit (but do enjoy showing off). That is all Dora.

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