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Stroller Diaries: No pressure or anything April 9, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in It's how we roll.

But I still don’t have a name for this baby. And Dave just told me tonight the one name that keeps popping up on my list is “too” too Grandma. Ugh. We’re going to take a coworker’s advice and name her No. 2. Anyhow, more here.



1. Alisa - April 26, 2010

Ah’m tellin’ ya….cut the mullet. It grows in thick after the first cut! 😉

2. erinfrances - April 26, 2010

I did cut the mullet! She’s much more respectable now. http://www.flickr.com/photos/22809886@N08/4513266788/

You’re so right. 🙂

3. Alisa - April 26, 2010

oops! I spoke too soon…read that just now! Sorry. Catching up on the news here…:D

Hang in there, friend! I know it’s gotta be hard! Thanks for sharing. Will stay tuned for the new baby! 🙂

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