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(Insert your pun about coasters/ coasting here) March 30, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

Saying I’m not really that crafty is like saying childbirth is a little uncomfortable. You’d say it in polite conversation, but it’s about as close to honest as Alice when she claims she wasn’t crying; baby in Mama’s belly was. Nooo, not her.


So, not crafty – but here I am with a new bottle of Mod Podge, which I’d only heard of hours before after an Internet search, and a paint brush, gluing cutesy elephants on bathroom tiles to make coasters. Coasters, really.

Some women nest. I make unnecessary objects to put around the nest. Apparently. Like the craving that had me eating massive amounts of sweet potato fries as if they were laced with something illegal, I just have to make these stupid things. And come on … I could be up cleaning out the baby’s closet to make enough of a path to pull out the bassinet so I could wash its sheet and change its batteries. I could. I could also be vacuuming and dusting. I could. Picking out a baby name. Dishes. Figuring out baptism details. Panicking about hospital bills and food costs and formula costs and OH MY GOD. Yes, I could be doing all these things.

But instead I’m down here, pasting like it’s eighth grade art class.

In a few weeks “alone time” will constitute bathroom breaks (if I’m lucky). I’ll be fighting new mom-guilt and fatigue over shaving both legs in the same day.

So, dammit, today I’m going to make some coasters and I’m going to not explain it, because it’s kind of embarrassing. Which is clearly why I’m telling you about it.



1. Erika - March 30, 2010

Don’t ever apologize for eating sweet potato fries. Those things are awesome. And I am going to need to see photos of these coasters when you’re done – they sound adorable! 🙂

2. Becky - March 31, 2010

Aw, I believe that’s called ‘Decoupage’ made famous by Rosie O’Donnell in the mid 1990’s. Look at you- trying to be all Rosie O’Donnell-like & crafty!

3. erinfrances - March 31, 2010

Hmm. We’ll see if you get any coasters, Becky!

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