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You can all go back to your lives: The recession’s over. I’ve shopped our way out of it March 28, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama, The baby.

The ugly, dollar-bin soap dispenser in our bathroom has been bothering me since I bought it in what, 2007? But it hasn’t risen to the crisis level until I realized it’s just about April, and the time I have to ponder a soap dispenser in any store’s aisle is severely limited. Now I’m the proud owner of a new, coordinating shower curtain, too.

This is how over the last month we’ve come to own a new couch and loveseat, new curtains I’ve been meaning to buy since we moved in this house three years ago; two fake birds to sit on two new end tables, a new lamp and a new print of a photo to put in a frame I bought months ago but for which I hadn’t til now had a photograph.

The economy has recovered — at least for this month — and when economists stop and do the math, all signs will point back to my check card. You’re welcome, America: I alone have saved us from slipping back into the Great Recession.

It’s also why we went to the zoo yesterday in Green Bay, just the three of us: Because we could. It’s why next weekend we’ll do the Easter egg hunt thing, the Gallery Walk thing. I’m just remembering the isolation and the lonely hours of those first few weeks; the self-loathing of my ugly mom-physique that I wanted no one to see during those first few months. I’m torn because the not-sleeping and the hips that make that weird snapping sound have me feeling every last second of these 34 weeks and five days’ pregnant. But at 40 weeks comes a jarring moment: When they hand you this other person to throw into the mix that you’ve just now figured out to your advantage, you have to take her home and start over again.

I want that. I want to meet her. But I’m scared, too. Like Alice would say, “Mama chicken. GOBBLE GOBBLE.”

Sophisticated, matching bathroom accessories may make me enjoy what I have for a second, but No. 2’s endless energy (and the way she kicks at my stomach at 3 a.m.) makes it hard to pretend I’m not about a month away from HOLY CRAP WHAT DID WE DO, DAVID.

See, I AM the elephant in the room. I can’t be ignored. I wobble around the house too loudly now to be ignored.



1. Nicole - March 28, 2010

Hey.. I’m coming over in those first few weeks, whether you’re looking fantastic or not. So, if you need to, plan for that as well! 🙂

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