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Her new favorite toy … my belly. Wonderful. March 25, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

“Alice, where’s your sister?” I asked, because parents of toddlers often ask stupid questions because they find it adorable when their offspring open their mouths for cutesy, totally obvious questions. Annoying, no? YES. BUT IT’S SO FUN.

She pointed to her own belly. Not really what I had in mind, but I leapt (figuratively, I don’t leap much now because of the weight gain plan I’m on) at the chance to continue our little game.

“No, the baby’s right here, in Mama’s belly.” She nodded. Usually this is the point she gets bored with me and turns back to her iPhone and starts tweeting about boys, but this time she laid down on her belly on the floor in front of where I’d plopped (yes, plopped is the absolute perfect verb to use there) myself on the carpet.

“Baby,” she said, and pulled up my shirt to peek at my belly. “HI BABY!”

I laughed.

“Baby! Basket!,” she said, pulling her Easter basket over to hold it up to my belly. Then her stuffed monkey got pushed against my belly. Then her “stinky” socks. Then the penny she found on the floor, her “monies.” Then the monkeys on the feet of her pajamas. “BABY. BABY SEE.”

When you’re almost 2 and everything’s new and exciting to you, I can’t imagine the novelty of wanting to show someone else(‘s stomach) every single object in your possession.

OK, cool; but $10 says this excitement turns to emo-listening anger about five weeks from now. Ten bucks. Come on.



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