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Introducing The Stroller Diaries March 16, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

My mama blogging’s spreading its sweetness all over the Internet … or at least at a new site. Check out The Stroller Diaries, a site run by Inglesina, a baby products company for whom I’ll be blogging about some of the same Erin-like things you’ve come to know and love (or simply tolerate) on this blog.

You’ll notice my kid’s name’s different … That’s on purpose. It’s also, for the record, a name I had on the list for Alice, but Dave forbid because of his, uh, history (?) with this girl way back in his player days (during which he had thick, luscious hair, he swears). So I got my revenge now, didn’t I!

You’ll further notice that I don’t have a name for No. 2 there yet, either. True story. I have seven weeks! Plen-t-y of time. (Panic! Panic! Panic! Someone press the news emergency button!)

(Photo — Alice had to try out the stroller the company sent us earlier this month, by having us go on a “walk” through the living room with 78 of her closest friends. That four-foot indoors pacing action didn’t get old at all.)



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