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The joys of being a one-car family March 10, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Kind of unreasonable.

I just wanted some damn Cheerios. That’s all I’ve wanted for the last two weeks for breakfast, in fact, so when the box was emptied on Tuesday and I had one of those “oh crap, grocery day was Sunday” moments, I immediately did what any vehicle-less person would do: I begged Dave to pick up a box later.

Only he didn’t.

Which is why when he informed me at 7:30 this morning that there would be a lot of “oh craps” but little cheer in my morning, I broke down. Had he been standing closer to me, the fire I was breathing would’ve singed his eyebrows off. “Can’t you eat something else?” he kindly suggested.

“NO. I CANNOT.” Stomp, stomp, went the chubby pregnant lady down the stairs. Oooh yeah, a definite proud moment in my life.

Later in the day when I was able to joke about it — really, I realize this is out of control — and we were on the way to pick up Alice from the sitter’s, I surmised my crappy day all started because I didn’t have my Cheerios. Yes, all of it could be traced back to that: The cold I picked up, the 45-minute wait at the doctor’s office, the dragging second hand on the clock, and the McDonald’s filet-o-fish song stuck in my head. Especially the filet-o-fish song stuck in my head.

“Don’t you think you’re overreacting just a litt–”


He flinched and laughed at the same time. “OK! OK! I’m sorry!”

I’m better now, if you must know.

And I admit some people (me, hi!) just shouldn’t ever be allowed to communicate with others at 7:30 a.m., pregnant.

I apologize, world. And Dave.



1. Mom and Bernie - March 11, 2010

Do I need to pack Cheerios this weekend or have you moved on to craving something else already?

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