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31 weeks, the quick hits/ furlough version March 3, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in It's how we roll, The baby.

Oh yeah, I said 31 weeks: At 31 weeks, No. 2 and I are beginning to fight over boundaries. My diaphragm. My center of balance. My digestive tract. My shirts that don’t stretch over my stomach anymore. My sleep routines — all grounds she’s trying to claim as her own. A better woman would appreciate this and dwell in its blissfulness. I, on the other hand, am counting days ’til we can disagree over what constitutes a full night’s sleep.


OK, but this is cute: As I sit back and tap on her feet as they jut out from my stomach, Alice jumps up on my lap to say “BABY. Hi! Baby HI!” and to give the baby’s feet a high-five. When she talks to the baby, she puts her nose by my belly button and raises her voice and babbles; the baby responds with a karate kick to the face. Oh, sisterly love.


On naming the baby:

“Mom says we’re doing harm to Alice and the new baby because we don’t have a name for her yet.”

“I think they’ll be OK,” I said.

“She’s still stuck on Wilhemina.”

“That’s not happening.”

“When are we going to name her?”

“At the hospital.” My latest idea – think of it this way: In restaurants I choose two or three dishes and then when the waiter asks, I just blurt one of them out. Why can’t it work for babies, too.


And a photo from our 30 week/ 5 days ultrasound on Monday. Creepy, yes. But in motion, oh so cute. That’s a face, by the way. Side view.



1. Lori - March 4, 2010

Do I see the Wasinger nose? Again? đŸ˜‰

I’ve got shirts if you’re looking to borrow some. Call me. xxx-xxx-6680. =) I’ll be swinging through Oshkosh on Saturday on my way to Fondy to see Krista. (I’ll email you my number)

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