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Airing our dirty laundry March 1, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama.

And so begins our third furlough week together since last year.

It’s begun with giggles over Alice’s head at her determination, as she insisted on wearing rain boots with puppies on them. Inside. To take her turtle on a walk.

It veered a bit into the insane with one road-closed sign and a major breakdown of my psyche on the way to a prenatal appointment in Green Bay — “JUST GET ME THERE RIGHT NOW I DON’T KNOW WHERE WE ARE I JUST WANT TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW” — the turn signal loudly proclaiming just how lost we were. Crickets outside emerged from whatever it is crickets do in winter and chirped for dramatic effect. Ahhh, hormones.

The highlight of Furlough Day 1 was watching Baby No. 2’s hand work its way to her mouth, and watching her little heart beat, and seeing the kicks I was feeling on the ultrasound monitor. Ahhh, hormones.

Not getting paid this week isn’t what’s crippling me . Realizing how fleeting this time is with my little family — the one I know, the one I’ve got figured out — is more terrifying. Ahhh. In nine weeks, we’ll find out. Furlough’s like the last step.



1. CaptainNeeda - March 5, 2010

wow. She is a BIG girl now!

2. CaptainNeeda - March 5, 2010

p.s. no matter how much laundry I do we are always about 5 loads from being completely caught up. It’s pretty ridiculous.

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