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‘Buzz Lightyear goes potty’ February 21, 2010

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama, Kind of unreasonable.

The surest way to get her to shake her head, repeat “no, no, no,” and hear her feet patter across the floor faster than Mr. Big when someone crinkles some plastic in the other room, is to tell her “Let’s go potty!”

Poooottttttyyyyyy — muuuhaaahaha! Insert evil cackle here! This must be the latest crazy trend Mama found in some lame magazine, she thinks.

“Alice, everyone goes potty. Elmo goes potty, Mr. Big goes potty, Daddy goes potty,” I say. Yes! She’ll agree, and run off to grab a toy to shove in her potty chair. That plastic chair’s so far been THE hot spot for the likes of celebrities such as her Buzz Lightyear action figure, her Tickle-Me Elmo and both her Cabbage Patch dolls — and no, I didn’t initiate that. I was just angling for some good old fashioned peer pressure. She bought into it like a sixth grader, which would be worrisome if I weren’t too busy making sure Buzz didn’t jump from the fake potty to the real one, a suicide dive she’s launched him on a few times.

“Potty!” she’ll say, commanding their smiling faces to just love the heck out of that potty chair. But when I place her on her potty, clothed or not, her arms clench at the elbows, her mouth wails a silent scream of horror and she freezes as if in so much fear she can’t even shriek or stand up and run.

Oh yes. She’s clearly ready … to run away. Oh yes — this is going to be awesome. I have no idea what I’m doing … Is it that obvious?



1. Nicole - February 22, 2010

Really? Buzz? 🙂 We have a sweet Elmo potty book that makes noises if you’re so inclined to give that a try! 🙂

2. Jess - February 22, 2010

Three Day Potty training method


We used it with Annelise and it worked like a charm. She’s older than Alice, but the author says starting at 22 months, you can potty train most kids.

3. Lori - February 22, 2010

First – love the PJs – Skylar has the same pair. Second – In September sometime we decided to stay home for a weekend and put her in panties. She peed on the floor 10 times the first day. By 10 am the second day, she peed on the floor twice and I put a diaper back on. She obviously wasn’t ready. We held off until she initiated it. She was fully potty trained by Christmas. She was 2 1/2.

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