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The name-this-baby contest: $1,000 to enter, some restrictions may apply. See store for details. December 22, 2009

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Being a mama, The baby.

She wasn’t very cooperative; starting out on her back, then rolling over to her belly, then facing my back. She bounced from one side to the other, and bent her knees at all the wrong times. She was absolutely adorable.

After our 20-week appointment with Alice we left with five photos in the paper frame they give you; this time the technician sighed and gave up trying to grab a decent frame after two, then went back for a foot picture that the baby kicked just enough to blur. Oh, baby.

No. 2’s nose appears to resemble Alice’s nose from Alice’s ultrasounds at 20 weeks. I appear to have gotten my girl (surprises pending?), but it also appears that if No. 2 and I are ever separated in a grocery store I’m going to have to do more than say “I’m her mother” when I collect her from the produce manager. She may look nothing like me. Oh, well.

And so it begins: Naming her.

“The problem is there are just so many cute girl names,” our nurse told us at our prenatal appointment today. Dave and I sighed.

“I just don’t like any of them,” I said. Thus, our problem: Our pool of baby names isn’t overflowing, unless you count all 25,000 in our book. No, this pool is littered with last week’s grass clippings, its plastic edges dejectedly folded in on itself.

Hotly debated names, passionate speeches in the favor of one over the other: Non-existent. “Do you like Mary?” “What about Miriam?” “How do you feel about Gwen?” “Julia?”  We’re reading “The Baby Name Wizard,” the Social Security baby names page, the birth announcements in your favorite paper and mine — but so far any name either of us has volleyed to the other side of the net has elicited just a half-hearted, one-armed weak swing in response. “Meh.”

And so it continues … Stay tuned.

(Ultrasound decoded: That’s No. 2’s head on the left. Legs to the right, bent up. Belly in the middle, just like it’s suppose to be. Dave’s nose, in miniature version, appears to be at the top.)



1. Lori - December 23, 2009

You two seem like the more traditional type…. So, check your email. I can’t disclose my favorite baby name of the week to just EVERYONE. =)

2. mymomgenes - December 23, 2009

Are you really asking for input? Because it sounds like you are 😉

Suggestions from someone who appreciates your sense of humor but you’ve never met in person:


Good luck! Naming them is so fun. And also not fun.

A. had a definite name before he was conceived. Another definite up until 20 weeks. A third definite until 36 weeks when someone with that name made me angry. It wasn’t until they told me ‘It’s a boy.’ that I chose between two ‘A’ names. So, you never know.

3. Nicole - December 23, 2009

EXCUSE ME!? I thought we had a winner! 😦

4. Lori - December 23, 2009

By the way, I think that is one perfect ultrasound picture!

5. Laura - December 23, 2009

Ruby.. Ava.. Adalyn.. Lucy.. Cora.. Iris.. Ivy.. Sorry.. I came across your blog from a friend when you were giving birth to you precious Alice and I’ve been reading ever since!

6. Donovan - December 24, 2009

You should just stick with No. 2.

7. Karen and Dane - December 26, 2009

Be happy you are not teachers! There are so many names that we would NEVER consider because of past students. I never met an Alice I did not like though! Good luck!!!

8. Lara - December 29, 2009

Everly, Emerson, Ryann, Reilly

9. Alisa Homann - December 30, 2009

I’m going with Anna.

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