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The “F” word (furlough) December 8, 2009

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Kind of unreasonable.

I like to pencil in vacations for the whole upcoming year in December because I’m a goal-oriented person (read: neurotic) and I thrive when I have something to which I can count down (read: over which to plead ceaselessly with the gods of time).

But this time, the crisp pages of my spotless 2010 calendar just sat empty, because there’s just so much. On top of maternity leave and vacation time, we were handed another factor. Dave and I got an e-mail Wednesday that informed us we’d all be taking another week of furlough in the first quarter of 2010. Yes, I gagged a little bit.

The first quarter is not known for its sunshine, its abundant warm weather or its piles of cash (It’s not until about July that we have enough cash to just collect in garbage bags around the house). There will be no Billy Joel concert*, no party outside, no glasses of wine on a porch swing — the glimmer of our May 2009 furcation has faded. There’s about a foot of snow on its way here tonight; May seems a decade ago.

I’m trying not to mope about this: I should be reveling in my ability to coerce Alice to sleep until 9 a.m., and I should take every opportunity to do so before No. 2 debuts. I also have been whining about not having more time with Alice … Yeah, I know. I read my blog, too. Scout’s honor, I shall try to enjoy this one for what it is: time off. I’ll try to forget about that whole “not getting paid” thing.

But damn if it’s not a punch in the gut to hear that word again.

(*Truthfully, I briefly considered requesting my furlough for late February so I could make a pilgrimage to Kansas City, Mo., to see Billy Joel on tour. But Dave kindly reminded me how he’d rather get his right hand caught in the snowblower, twice, than ride in a car with a seven-month-pregnant wife. He’s honest. Give him that.)



1. Alisa - December 12, 2009

would it help if i subscribed to the Northwestern?

2. erinfrances - December 12, 2009

It couldn’t hurt! 🙂

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