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You wouldn’t happen to know how to save files off an ancient iBook would you November 21, 2009

Posted by Erin F. Wasinger in Kind of unreasonable.

The dude at the Apple store wasn’t even sympathetic, is the thing.

He couldn’t sense my pure, animalistic rage; he couldn’t tell how at any moment I felt like crying or leaping over the counter to yell at him “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS.”

He just stood there behind the counter, arms in his pockets like he couldn’t care less. HE didn’t lose all the files, now did he? Nooo, this wasn’t about HIM. He told us — the worried, panicked look in our eyes not registering to him — to bring our computer back next week when someone had the time to look at it, and maybe — just maybe — they could save all the content that I’m pretty sure has been lost to the gods of Should Never Have Waited So Long To Back Up My Files and WHY OH WHY.

We stood there quietly, old non-functional Mac in hand, Dave trying to be cool and me trying to name every single photo we’ve taken since our last backup in what, May? Furlough photos, gone. First birthday, sandbox, Halloween, mullet shot — all just gone. All gone.

And this calm and collected, non-invested old man just told us “And no backup, huh?”

NO, NO BACKUP. See me, irrational, emotional pregnant lady over here? I WANT YOU TO BE JUST AS UPSET.

So. Yeah, my trusty computer died last week. I’ve been blogless, Facebookless and general Internet surfing-less since last week. But nothing punches a mom in the gut with as much force as possibly losing all those photos.

I usually nag Dave to backup files all the time — OR AT LEAST MAKE PRINTS. Bt it slipped my mind because that stupid, silent Mac bearing the black screen of death over there is so old and decrepit we couldn’t make prints from it; our OS didn’t support even Walmart.com’s photo uploader.

Oh, God, WHY. Take my Billy Joel collection on iTunes if you must, but please let me keep the photos. PLEASE.

Pardon me while I go over here and scream.



1. Stephanie - November 21, 2009

Oh no! I hope you can find a way to recover them. I know how you feel about loosing photos.

2. missinsidegirl - November 23, 2009

Awww 😦 And this is seriously about the 8th person I’ve heard in a week having naughty computer issues. Me included. Technology likes to torment us, so we never feel like we’ve got the upper hand. Boo.

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